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Taking the Journey

Taking the Journey

Physical, mental, financial, relationship and other life challenges are shown to be met when we turn to our spiritual nature.  This is what it means to “take the journey,” by walking with thoughts that enlighten us and show us how to solve today’s issues – not by giving in or coping with them.

As a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science, I share insights and spiritual ideas that show how the Scriptures can be practical in our everyday life – just as it was in those lives we read about in the Bible.  These insights come from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

Please use the site as a resource that can take you on a journey of discovery, solutions, and inspiration.  Hope you will check back with us often.

If you have only a moment – your daily lift will give you a thought to go out the door with.  Christian Science speakers from around the world give a 2 minute spiritual thought to lighten and heal as you go about your day.

Daily Lift


What you’ll find in the categories sections

Ecumenical and Interfaith

Journeys may start alone but eventually we meet others on the path.  Ecumenical and

interfaith activities companion with those who have the same focus, the same direction, the same priorities even if they express them differently.  Events, discussions, people and their paths are shared here for your consideration of new ideas, or old ideas, that may deepen, solidify, and enrich your own.

  • Clergy Fellowship – I participate once a week with this group of Clergy here in Washington, DC.  Most have large congregations and therefore have made an influence on the government, business, and culture of the city.  Many have served on the Mayor’s Interfaith Council, and many of walked with Martin Luther King or at least right behind him.  Some of the faith communities that are represented include Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Christian Science, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ. I have come to love each one and find their joy in serving the Father very contagious.  Their commitment has kept them young and the young are wise at an early age.  I will share what I hear from these weekly meetings – their stories, their prayers and meditations and their concerns.
  • CIRCLE OF FAITH BLOGS on the website of The First Church of Christ, Scientist (The Mother Church) in Boston, Massachusetts.   You’ll find ideas and discussions to help you be a better listener and contributor to the healing dialogue going on between faiths worldwide.

Taking the Journey Education

The basis of education is love.   A love that deepens the heart to labor and discover what is real, to persist to resolve challenges, to care about others,.  The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, puts it this way:

Love is the Father, who is strong in His care for His children and provides for every need.  Love feeds, clothes, and shelters every one of His dear ones.  Love is a Mother tenderly brooding over all Her children.  This Mother guards each one from harm, nourishes, holds close to Herself, and carefully leads along the upward way.  Love is a Shepherd who goes forth into the darkness of the night, into the storm and wind, to find the lost sheep.  This Shepherd of Love leaves the beaten path, searches the wood and marsh, pushes aside the brambles, and seeks until the lost is found; then He places it within His bosom and returns to heal and restore.   [Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, page 103]

With this impetus in every heart of a teacher, employer, policeman, parent, lawmaker, judge, businessman, professional, child – whoever we are – our world would feel the affect.  We can all engage in education of others in some form or other as well as engaging ourselves.  We will share some of these  paths with resources that I hope you will find helpful.

Taking the JourneyBible  

We meet friends who show us what to do or what not to do that help us in life’s lessons.  Examples that help give us new perspectives and approaches we may not have thought of before.  It’s a new look at an old friend.  Watch for the special stories for young people!  The saying goes – a worn and torn Bible shows a life that is not worn and torn.  Hopefully you’ll find practical ideas that can be put to use.

Taking the JourneyPrayer

You may call it meditation or something else – prayer shows us what is real.  Resources may include people’s experiences, events or whatever shows that long-lasting, permanent aspect of life – health, peace, joy, companionship – we are all wanting to have in our lives.


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